gelato & sorbet cakes

We offer several options for our gelato and sorbet cakes. Custom cakes with any of our flavors may be ordered 3 days in advance.

We also offer the following Italian Classic cakes to match any occasion, available just 2 days in advance:

1. 'il sorbetto'....layers of vanilla with alternate layers of three different seasonal sorbets, covered in vanilla. (not dairy free)
2. 'il caffe'...layers of espresso, vanilla, chocolate pieces, and mocha covered in espresso. [OFTEN IN STOCK]
3. 'i noci'...layers of hazelnut, pistachio, and peanut butter - and a layer of hazelnuts. covered in dark chocolate.
4. 'il lab'...a signature offering. layers of mascarpone, black cherry, dark chocolate and meringue. covered in vanilla. [OFTEN IN STOCK]

serving size and pricing

1. Small round serves 6-12 people, $39.
2. Medium round serves 12-16 $69.
3. Large rectangular serves 20-25, $99.

personalized greeting/writing

The cakes can be written on - this is always done in chocolate. The outside layer is either vanilla or dark chocolate gelato - please specify your preference.


Delivery is $20 or $25 depending on your location in Manhattan. Picking up can be at either of our locations. Please specify.

finalizing your order/billing

If ordering a custom cake, an inside layer of amaretti cookies, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds or white or dark chocolate pieces are allowed. And when specifying flavor choices, be sure to give an alternate or two in case a flavor is not available.

When you are all set to order, please provide your billing address and phone number and credit card info via email. Please don't forget to include expiration date and security code. If you'd prefer you can leave off the last 4 digits and leave those on our voicemail. Email us: